Need Analysis Study
Unlocking Cultural Heritage: Our Journey Through Research and Matching Needs


We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of a crucial phase in our Erasmus project: the comprehensive research and matching of target group needs with content across multiple stakeholders. This vital step involved an in-depth needs analysis focusing on three key areas: students’ engagement with cultural heritage, the needs of teachers and trainers in all partner countries, and the collaboration requirements of museums and associations with schools.

Our dedicated teams have conducted extensive research, engaging with students, educators, museums, and cultural associations to understand their perspectives, needs, and aspirations in relation to cultural heritage education. The outcome of this meticulous work is three insightful reports that shed light on the current state of cultural heritage engagement and the opportunities for enhancing educational practices. These reports have laid a solid foundation for the next stages of our project, guiding us in developing tailored strategies and activities that align with the needs and interests of our target groups. We are now more equipped than ever to foster a deeper connection between students and cultural heritage, enhance teacher and trainer resources, and strengthen collaborations between educational institutions and cultural organizations.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build bridges between cultural heritage and education, enriching the learning experience for students across Europe.

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