CCH-HUBS Content Work
The Journey of CCH-Hubs


We’re excited to share the remarkable progress of our CCH-Hubs platform, a cornerstone of our Erasmus project dedicated to transforming the way cultural heritage is taught and experienced. Our journey has been marked by relentless innovation, collaboration, and a deep commitment to education that resonates with the young minds of 11-15-year-olds, their teachers, museum trainers, and beyond.

A Treasure Trove of Learning: To date, our collaborative efforts have yielded an impressive collection of 53 lesson and workshop plans. Each plan is a testament to months of meticulous work, designed to engage, enlighten, and inspire our target age group through a rich exploration of cultural heritage.

Diverse Hubs of Knowledge: The heart of our platform beats through its diverse Hubs, each a gateway to a unique aspect of cultural heritage:

  • General Cultural Heritage Teaching Hub

  • Museum Hub

  • Artifact Hub

  • Technology Hub

  • Language Hub

  • Customs and Traditions Hub

  • Music and Dance Hub

  • Food Hub

These Hubs are not just categories; they are vibrant classrooms without walls, offering learners a passport to the world’s cultural wonders.

Beyond Lesson Plans: Our commitment goes beyond traditional learning materials. We’ve been creating captivating posters, delving into the tangible, intangible, and natural cultural heritage of all partner countries, and mapping UNESCO cultural heritage sites. Our innovative approach also includes piloting lesson plans with school partners to refine and perfect our offerings.

Bringing Heritage to Life: Videos about cultural heritage are in production, aiming to visually engage and educate our audience about the richness of our shared and diverse histories.

A Glimpse into Our Creations: While we eagerly prepare to unveil our complete collection on the platform, here are some sample lesson plan themes that await you:

  • Exploring the ancient wonders through virtual museum tours.

  • The art of traditional crafts: A hands-on workshop.

  • Coding in history: Technology meets heritage.

  • Language as a time machine: Discovering history through words.

  • The rhythm of cultures: Exploring music and dance.

Stay tuned for the launch of our full suite of resources on the CCH-Hubs platform, where education meets innovation at the crossroads of cultural heritage.