The Evolution of Our Didactical Design

In an exciting stride forward for our Erasmus project, we’ve reached a pivotal milestone in enhancing educational engagement through cultural heritage. Drawing upon the insightful findings from our recent surveys, coupled with the rich tapestry of our previous experiences and keen observations, our expert team has embarked on a collaborative journey to redefine educational excellence.


This collective endeavor led to the conception of a robust didactical design, meticulously crafted to inform the lesson and workshop plans we are set to develop. Our design process was fueled by a holistic approach, integrating the diverse needs and aspirations uncovered in our comprehensive needs analysis involving students, teachers, and cultural institutions.


Our expert team, comprising seasoned educators, curriculum developers, and subject matter specialists, convened in a series of dynamic workshops. 

As we move forward, this didactical design will serve as the cornerstone for the lesson and workshop plans, promising a transformative educational journey. Stay tuned for updates as we bring these plans to life, shaping a future where learning transcends the classroom, connecting hearts and minds across cultural divides.