Partner Organisations

Moldova” National Museum Complex of Iași is the largest museum organization in the eastern part of Romania. Its headquarters is in the Palace of Culture, a recently restored very famous neo-gothic edifice, which houses four main museums: the Art Museum, which continues the mission of the first art gallery of Romania, founded in 1860 within the first modern national Romanian university, Moldavia’s History Museum which has taken over the patrimony of the Antiques Museum founded in 1916 as part of the University of Iasi, the Ethnographic Museum of Moldavia, whose core was set in 1943, as well as “Ştefan Procopiu” Science and Technique Museum, whose collections were organized starting with 1955. Also in the Palace of Culture operates the Heritage Research Center, which has scientific investigation and restoration laboratories adapted to the different types of materials composing the exhibits: stone, ceramic, wood, metal, textiles, paper etc., and which in 2015 celebrated 40 years of existence. MOLDOVA National Museum Complex also includes in its structure several satellite museums: the Union Museum of Iași, ”Mihail Kogălniceanu” Memorial Museum of Iași, “Poni-Cernătescu” Museum of Iași, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Palace of Ruginoasa, the Archeological Reserve-Museum of Cucuteni and the Wine and Vineyard Museum of Hârlău.

Moldova” National Museum Complex has experience in implementing educational and cultural projects aimed at disseminating knowledge on cultural themes and in raising awareness as for the importance of intercultural understanding and transmission of cultural history, promoting social inclusion and non-discriminatory behavior. Apart from the identification, collection, restoration-conservation, storage and display of cultural heritage, the partner organization has integrated in its scope of activities the cultural empowerment of its public, of the community in which it implements its activities, by means of edutainment activities. A museum without a link to the society it lives in is useless. That is why MOLDOVA National Museum Complex has developed and implemented programs meant to raise and increase awareness of the public as for their relation to the past and to the present as well, and mediate the well being of every member of society by means of cultural empowerment.