Partner Organisations

Varna Regional Museum of History is a cultural and scientific institution that seeks, studies, preserves and presents cultural artifacts, natural specimens and anthropological remains for informative, educational and aesthetic purposes in the province of Varna. According to the Rules adopted in 2013, it is a general museum. It consists of six specialised departments (Archaeology, Ethnography, Bulgarian Lands 15th-19th Century, New History, Latest History, Nature), eight expert departments, conservation and restoration studio and photo studio. The museum has a library and 5 permanent exhibitions. It manages and promotes several protected archaeological sites of national importance; conducts field and scientific research; publishes scientific books, periodicals, catalogues and other printed materials inherent in the field of museology.
Varna Regional Museum of History is the largest non-capital museum institution in Bulgaria, with a globally recognized contribution to the study, dissemination and preservation of cultural heritage.
In the recent years the Museum has participated as a partner or as an initiator in a series of national and international projects, including: – OLKAS: “From the Aegean to the Black Sea” – Mediaeval Ports in the Maritime Routes of the East – Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2007 – 2013 of the EU, 2012; – “Museum for Small and Grown-ups” 2012 – 2013, America for Bulgaria Fundation; – LIMEN: “Cultural Ports from the Aegean to the Black Sea” – Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2007 – 2013 of the EU, 2013; – “A Marine Diorama” – 2017, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria; – “Museum in a Suitcase” – 2016 – 2017, National Culture Fund; – „I was citizen of Stalin town”- 2016 -2017, Europe for Citizens; – „A Game-Changing year: Czechoslovakia and Europe in 1968” – 2018 – 2020, Europe for Citizens; – Developing the Varna Regional Museum of History as a Multifunctional Public Space for Science, Art, Culture and Communication, 2022-2024, PA14 Cultural Entrepreneurship Heritage and Cooperation; – etc.