Bruxelles: summary of the fourth meeting – LTTA (4 days)

Brussels recently hosted the fourth meeting of the “Codes Of Cultural Heritage” project, bringing partners together for three days of collaboration and exploration. École fondamentale de l’Héliport, a school for kids aged 3 to 12, played host, adding a unique touch with its focus on integration, shared learning, and support for families facing challenges.

The meeting wasn’t confined to four walls. Partners immersed themselves in Brussels’ cultural tapestry, visiting landmarks like the Maison du Roi and the iconic Manneken Pis. They also explored architectural wonders like Maison Horta and Palais Bozar, gaining insights into the city’s vibrant history and culture.

A significant aspect of the meeting was the hands-on experience at École fondamentale de l’Héliport. Partners had the chance to observe the school’s teaching methods and participate in workshops, providing a practical understanding of its educational approach.

As the meeting concluded, discussions turned toward the future. The next steps for the project were hashed out, with the upcoming meeting scheduled for Varna in May. The partners are actively working on crafting content and documents crucial for the project’s output, marking positive progress.

In simpler terms, the “Codes Of Cultural Heritage” project is gaining momentum, weaving together the cultural threads of Europe. It’s not just about preserving history; it’s about creating a shared identity and contributing to the broader concept of European citizenship.

The partners’ visit to Brussels not only facilitated collaborative discussions but also provided a tangible connection to the rich cultural heritage they are working to celebrate and preserve. The project, as it moves forward, holds the promise of leaving a lasting impact on the many faces of European culture and identity.