Insights from the Second Meeting in Rome – LTTA (5 days)

The second meeting of the “Codes Of Cultural Heritage” project recently unfolded in the magnificent city of Rome, offering a captivating and enlightening experience for the partners. During this LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activity) over the course of five remarkable days, partners hailing from different countries congregated at “Centro Sperimentale Di Fotografia Adams” to attend all the activities regarding cultural heritage. This project, driven by the recognition of the vast potential inherent in cultural diversity, aims to build and grow awareness around the cultural heritage topic.

The event started off with a series of lectures and immersive workshops. Attendees eagerly absorbed knowledge on diverse photography techniques, delving into the art of capturing the essence of cultural heritage through the lens. Engaging discussions centered around preservation strategies, cataloguing methodologies, and the exploration of smartphone photography, demonstrating a collective passion for documenting and safeguarding our shared past.

An unforgettable highlight of the meeting was a full-day excursion to the historically significant Appia Antica Park. Beginning at the San Callisto Catacombs, the group embarked on a mesmerizing journey along the ancient Appian Way. Every step revealed the remnants of ancient Rome, showcasing the grandeur and profound historical significance of the era. The expedition culminated at Cecilia Metella’s Mausoleum, a testament to the enduring legacy of the city. This immersive experience underscored the vital importance of preserving cultural heritage.

Beyond the engaging activities, the partners also dedicated time to discuss and chart the path forward for the project. Building upon the knowledge and inspiration gained during the meeting, fruitful conversations unfolded, highlighting the significance of collaboration among partners. Strengthening digital engagement and the creation of comprehensive cultural databases emerged as essential strategies to enhance accessibility and appreciation of European cultural heritage.

In conclusion, the second meeting of the “Codes Of Cultural Heritage” project in Rome was an amazing occasion, marked by enlightenment, discovery, and determination. With each click of the camera and every insightful exchange, the participants solidified their unwavering commitment to celebrating and safeguarding the timeless treasures embedded within European cultural heritage.

Until the next meeting!